2018 Vernon Winter Carnival Show

The 2018 Vernon Winter Carnival                                                                                                        > Show Information,                                                                                                                > Poultry Entry Form,    and                                                                                                           > Pigeon Entry Form                                           

are now available on this site. Go to the drop down menu under the heading Winter Carnival to find them.                                                                      The entry deadline is Friday, January 19, 2018.

The next meeting of the Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club is Sunday, January 14th at 1:30 pm in the Oddfellows Hall in Armstrong B.C.

2017 APA Canadian National News

Excitement is mounting as our club gets ready to host the 2017 APA (American Poultry Association) Canadian National Poultry, Pigeon and Waterfowl Show October 13-15, 2017 at Hassen Hall in Artmstrong, B.C.

Entries have been coming in steadily. The deadline for entries is October 2nd, 2017. Some questions have been asked about sale birds. Birds entered in the show may be marked for sale after judging has been completed. In the interest of bird health, other sales may only be held outside the show building!

Information about the 2017 APA Canadian National Pigeon, Poultry and Waterfowl Show is available on this site under the Fall Featherfest menu. This could be one of the largest shows hosted in Canada in 2017! Our club is working hard to make this a memorable event! The show hall has been booked, the judges have been hired, and prize money is starting to flow in. More information will be added as it becomes available. Come and join us if you can….you won’t be disappointed!

APA 2017 Prize Money (to date) This list will be updated as more awards are received.

Show Champion $50.00 – Isabel Dunham
Res. Show Ch. – $50.00 – Silver Ridge Aviaries                              Champion Display – LaVerne Sjogren
Ch. Large Fowl -$50.00 – L&M poultry
Ch. Large Fowl Trio – $25.00 – L&M Poultry
Res. Ch. Large Fowl – Dawn Webster
Ch. Bantam – $50.00 – Dudley Deleenheer
Res. Ch. Bantam- $50.00 – Silver Ridge Aviaries
Ch. Bantam Trio – $25.00 – Heather Hayes                                        Reserve Ch. Bantam Trio – $25.00 – Eddie & Gibby Boutillier
Ch. Bantam Duck -$25.00- Heather Hayes                                    Champion Waterfowl – $25.00 – Thomas Christen                                        Ch. American $25.00 – MacGood Poultry                                                  Res. Ch. American – $25.00 – Township of Spallumcheen
Ch. Asiatic – $25.00 – Shelley Work                                                              Res. Ch. Asiatic – $25.00 – Herman Huisjkamp                                              Ch. Mediterranean – $25.00 -Laverne Sjogren                                              Res. Ch. Mediterrnaean – $25.00 – Herman Huisjkamp                                Ch. Continental – Maddie Bowman                                                                Res. Ch. Continental – $25.00 –  Township of Spallumcheen
Ch. AOSB – $25.00 – Dawn Webster
Res. Ch. AOSB – $25.00 – Mel Bachmann                                                      Ch. English – $25.00 – Herman Huisjkamp
Res. Champion English – $25.00 – MacGood Poultry
Ch. Featherleg – $25.00 – Joe Mazur
Res. Ch. Featherleg – $25.00 – Joe Mazur
Ch. Bantam Duck – $25.00 Heather Hayes
Res. Ch. Bantam Duck – MacGood Poultry
Ch. Old English Game – $25 – Dudley DeLeenheer
Res. Ch. Old English Game – $25.00 – Karen Hansen
Ch. Junior Old English Game – $25.00 – Karen Hansen
Ch. SCCL – $25.00 – Ramona Trombley                                                          Res. Ch. SCCL – $25.00 – Laverne Sjogren
Ch. RCCL – $25.00 – Ramona Trombley                                                          Res. Ch. RCCL – $25.00 – Herman Huisjkamp
Ch. AOCCL – $25.00 – Dudley Deleenheer
Res. Ch. AOCCL – $25.00 – Joe Mazur
Ch. Modern Game -$25.00 – Heather Hayes                                                  Res. Ch. Modern Game – Herman Huisjkamp
Ch. Goose – $25.00 – Shelley Work                                                                Res. Ch. Goose – $25.00 – Township of Spallumcheen                                  Ch. Large Duck – $25.00 – Diamond in the Rough Acres                              Res. Ch. Large Duck – $25.00 – Township of Spallumcheen
Best Leghorn B or LF – $50.00 LeVerne Sjogren
Best Wyandotte B or LF – $50.00 LeVerne Sjogren
Best of Breed Chantecler – $50.00 MacGood Poultry
Ch. Junior Large fowl – $25.00 Township of Spallumcheen
Res. Ch. Junior Large Fowl – $25.00 – Township of Spallumcheen
Ch. Junior Bantam – $25.00 – Township of Spallumcheen                            Res. Ch. Jr. Bantam – $15.00 – Jack MacDonald
Ch. Junior Waterfowl – $25.00 – Township of Spallumcheen                        Res. Ch. Junior Waterfowl – $25.00 – Eddie & Gibby Boutillier
Best of Breed LF Orloff – $20.00 Heather Hayes

VPPC News Update

We have added results from the 2016 IPE at this link.

The VPPC Christmas Banquet and meeting will be at 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 11, 2016, at Tom’s Place Restaurant. Approximately 45 people have signed up to attend!

The 48th Annual Winter Feather Fancier Show will be held on February 5, 2017 at the Vernon Recreation Centre Auditorium. Information and entry forms will be online soon.

























christmas banquet and

Fall Featherfest Update

Excitement is mounting as we get closer to our big show of the year! Here are some recent developments regarding the show:                                     1. Change of Venue – from Hassen Hall to the HORTICULTURE BUILDING. Same location, different building which recently became available.                                                                                                                 2. Cash Awards for Poultry, Waterfowl and Pigeons now posted under the Fall Featherfest heading. Donors have been very generous and all categories have been covered.                                                                               3. Entry Deadline – Saturday, October 1, 2016

Coming Events


It’s now official: The Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club has been awarded the American Poultry Association (APA)                                            CANADIAN NATIONAL for 2017!!

The show will take place in mid-October at the Armstrong Fairgrounds. More information will be posted here as it becomes available. The Club is extremely proud to be able to host this show for a second time. The first was in 2011 as seen this original post.2011 National Advertisement




With the Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club’s Summer Lawn Show  behind us  it’s time to look at what lies ahead:

Armstrong Interior Exhibition:                                                            Wednesday, August 31 – Sunday, September 4

Many of our members will be showing and selling birds at the fair. You  will see some top quality birds and lots of other amazing things at this  year’s IPE. Members please remember set-up time on Thursday, August  25th at 6pm. Coop-in for exhibits is on Tuesday, August 30 from noon  until 9pm.

Fall FeatherFest – 2016                                                                                                             Friday, October 14 – Sunday October 16, 2016

 The Poultry and Waterfowl Entry Form and Show Catalogue for this  coming is now posted on this website under the heading Fall  FeatherFest. The Pigeon Entry form and Prize List will be posted soon.                                                                                           

Summer Lawn Show

VPPC Logo        NEWS FLASH !                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club recently decided to add a                                                                 LAWN SHOW                                                                  to their annual summer barbecue. It will be held on                                                                 Sunday, August 7th,                                         at the Zimmerman Home on highway 97 N.

This will be a small outdoor show for club members and friends of the club. Entry forms will be sent out with the club minutes at the next mailing.                                                                                                                                   The entry deadline is Monday, August 1st.                             There will be no fees for this show. Coop – in takes place before 10 a.m. The show runs from 10 – 2:00 p.m. with a meeting and barbecue to follow. The judge will be announced shortly.                                                                           For further information please call one of the following:     George Zimmerman – 250 542 6418 or g.zimm@shaw.ca                             Brenda Weintz -250 546 2985 or countrygal@gmail.com                             Karen Hansen – 250 768 4662 or khansen@telus.net



This year’s Fall Featherfest Show is going ahead!        

 Mark you calendars.

October 14th, 15th 16th, 2016

Hassen Hall     IPE Fairgrounds    Armstrong, B.C.

Co-chairmen are:    Heather Hayes: triple-h@telus.net

    Joe Mazur: vanjoecoch@hotmail.com

Poultry Judge:          Daniel Fry-Shaw, California

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.