2014 Fall FeatherFest

Fall Featherfest #4 was a big success this year.  It was both a pigeon and poultry show with over 500 entries.  Our poultry judge was Conor Keegan from California and our pigeon judge was Heiner Sweitze from Keremeos, B.C.  Quality was exceptional with keen exhibitors from Alberta, the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island and many points throughout the interior of B.C.  Coop in started on Friday afternoon and judging started at 9:00am. On Saturday morning.  A banquet at the host hotel treated 40 people to a delicious meal.  An awards ceremony was held on Sunday morning at 9:30am where over $800 in prize money was awarded to winning exhibitors.  The show was then taken down and the building completely cleared before noon.

Many positive comments were shared with the co-chairpersons Heather Hayes and Dudley DeLeenheer.  Heather walked away with most of the prize money, but we still love her!

Photos (below): by Fran MacDonald

Writeup: by Dudley DeLeenheer


Champion Large Fowl – SC Light Brown Leghorn K by Heather Hayes

Reserve Champion Large Fowl – Black Shamo P by Herman Husykamp

Champion American – New Hampshire P by Earl LaBounty

Reserve Ch. American – White Chantecler by Fran MacDonald

Champion and Reserve English – Buff Orpington K and P by Alyssa Patterson

Champion Continental – Welsummer K by Cornel Van Maren

Res. Champ. Continental – Salmon Faverolle H by Clayton Botkin

Champion Mediterranean – SC Light Brown Leghorn K by Heather Hayes

Res. Champ. Mediterranean – SC Danish Brown Leghorn H by Suart Zaleschuk

Champion Asiatic – Dark Brahma P by Mary Lou Decelle

Res. Champ. Asiatic – Dark Brahma K by Mary Lou

Champion AOSB – Black Shamo P by Herman

Res Champ AOSB – Sumatra P by Silver Ridge

Champion Bantam – Wheaten Ko Shamo K by Heather Hayes

Res. Champion Bantam – Birchen Modern P by Heather

Champion and Reserve Modern – Birchen Modern P and Brown Red P by Heather

Champion and Reserve Old English – BBR Cockerel and Crele K by Heather

Champion SCCL – White Plymouth Rock P by Heather

Reserve Champ SCCL – White Leghorn H by Joe Mazur

Champion RCCL  – Golden Sebright H by Karen Hansen

Res. Champ RCCL – Silver Sebright H by Dudley DeLeenheer

Champion Featherleg – White Cochin P by Joe Mazur

Res Cham Featherleg – Buff Brahma by Cornel Van Maren

Champion AOCCL – Wheaten Ko Shamo by Heather

Res AOCCL – Dark Cornish P by HD Poultry

Champion Poultry by a Junior – Drew Mazur on a Black OE

Res Champ Poultry by a Junior – Allison Gelling on a LF Americana

Champion Waterfowl – East Indie by Rick Shields

Res Champ Waterfowl – Gray Call by Rick

Champion  and Res Champ Goose – Chinese Brown OGR and OG by Clayton Botkin

Champion and Res Champ Turkey – Bronze OT and OH by Clayton Botkin

Show Champion Pigeon English Trumpeter by N and D Oryschak

Res Show Champ Pigeon Show Racing Homer by Chester Lompart

Champion Fancy Pigeon – English Trumpeter

Res Champ Fancy Pigeon Archangle by M Harangozo

Runner Up to Reserve Fancy Pigeon Old German Owl by Brad Duplin

Champion Flying Pigeon Show Racing Homer by Chester Lompart

Best 2014 Pigeon in the Show – Show lRacing Homer by Chester Lompart

Best Racing Homer – Mark Luttmerding

Best Yellow Show Homer – Ted Puchelak

Best Budapest Highflyer – Alec Kovacs Sr.