2017 Fall FeatherFest & A.P.A. Canadian National Poultry Show

2017 APA Canadian National Show Hall in Armstrong, B.C.

This is the page related to information about the 2017 Fall FeatherFest Poultry, Waterfowl and Pigeon Show and A.P.A. Canadian National Poultry Show.

FF 2017 Canadian National Show Catalogue

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FF Pigeon entry form 2017

APA CANADIAN NATIONAL                                                                               SHOW REPORT – FALL FEATHERFEST 2017

The 2017 APA Canadian National is now history.  It took place on the weekend of October 14 – 15 at the Hassen Arena on the Interior Provincial Exhibition fairgrounds in Armstrong, B.C.  The show was organized by the Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club with club members Heather Hayes and Joe Mazur as co-chairpersons.
There were just over 1100 birds entered in the show with entries coming from Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. Over 60  exhibitors entered birds and it took three judges to perform the honours.  Thursday, October 12 was setup day, Friday was coop-in day, and Saturday was the show day with judging starting early at 8:30 am.  Friday night soup, sandwiches and snacks were offered to exhibitors after possibly a long day of travelling and at least a busy time prepping birds for the show.  Club members were extremely busy from Thursday through Sunday of the show weekend.  We are indeed fortunate to have a good group of dedicated hardworking volunteers who helped to make a large show successful and run smoothly.
Saturday evening there was a banquet at the Armstrong golf course clubhouse where 70 guests enjoyed a beef dinner buffet.  Following the dinner awards were presented to exhibitors of winning birds.  Over $2000 was donated by exhibitors and friends of our club to offer as cash awards.  Our major sponsor was Peavey Mart, a chain of stores centered in Alberta, who offered a cash donation that nearly paid for the rent of arena as well as ten $25 gift certificates, feed for the birds and litter for the pens.  Our second main sponsor was the township of Spallumcheen which gave a cash donation to help pay for the show.
Heather and Joe did a fine job of chairing the show and they were most ably assisted by many club members.  This was the tenth APA Canadian National show and one exhibitor who has attended all of them felt that the Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club had done an admirable job.  As president of our club I’d like to thank all exhibitors, volunteers, judges, sponsors and those members of the general public who came out to see a remarkable array of quality birds!
Blue Cochin Pullet
by Joe Mazur
Happy Exhibitor of
Champion Bird








Reserve Show Champion
Black Australorp K
by Ramona Trombley
Champion Waterfowl
White Call Duck OD
by Isabel Dunham









Reserve Ch. Bantam
Birchen Mod. Game P
by Heather Hayes
Res. Champion Waterfowl
White Indian Runner Duck
by Carolyn Wild








Champion Heavy Duck
Appleyard YDR
by Shelley Work
Champion Med. Duck
Buff YDR
by Suzin Crosby
Res. Champion Med Goose
Sebastapol OG
by Shelley Work
Champion Goose
Grey Saddleback Pom OG by Suzin Crosby
Champion American
White Chantecler K
by Kathy Stevenson
Champion AOSB
Black Ameracauna P
by Dawn Webster
Res. Champion AOSB
Black Sumatra P
by Mark Luttmerding
Champion Asiatic
Black Langshan P
by Callum McLeod















Champion Continental Welsummer K by Adele Gelling
Res. Champion English
Black Australorp K
by Ramona Trombley
Champion Old English
Black Pullet
by Drew Mazur
Res. Champ. OEG
Black Breasted Red K
by Heather Hayes


Res. Ch. Modern Game                            Birchen P                                                      by Heather Hayes
Res. Champion AOCCL
White Chantecler K
By Dudley DeLeenheer
Champion AOCCL
Wheaten Ko Shamo K
by Heather Hayes
Champion SCCL
White Plymouth Rock P
by Heather Hayes
Res. Champion SCCL
White Leghorn P by
Joe Mazur
Show Champion Pigeon
Norwich Cropper
by Double V Lofts






Reserve Show Champion
American Roller
by Ernie Silveri
Champion Rare Pigeon
Valencian Figurita
by Marianne Harangozo
Res. Champ. Flying Pigeon
Racing Homer
Mark Luttmerding







Champion Show Type Homing Pigeon
by Ken Chatwin




Champion Flying Pigeon
Budapest High Flyer
by Alec Kovacs




Champion Row