2013 IPE Poultry Show

The 114th Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong, B.C. was held on August 28 to September 1, 2013. In the poultry division we had about 400 entries for Heather Hayes to judge,  50 more than last year. There were more waterfowl than ever before, with a strong contingent of bantam ducks and ducks and  geese in three other sizes as well.  Turkeys and guineas rounded out the numbers as well as 125 bantam chickens and over 100 large chickens.

Many of the Vernon Pigeon and Poultry club members volunteered their time to help out, with outstanding service provided by some of our younger members, Jason Nicholls, David Scherle, and Dalten Gregorsen.

The Super Grand Champion, as well as being Champion Bantam of the show was a Porcelain Booted bantam cock in immaculate feather condition – a very fine specimen owned by Louisa Nicholls of Langley, B.C.  The Reserve Super Grand Champion was a Silver Sebright cock bird by Dudley DeLeenheer of Vernon, B.C.

The top birds in the Large Fowl category were as follows: Champion was a beautiful Chantecler cockerel by new members Bert Goodison and Fran MacDonald. Reserve Champion was a Shamo cock by Herman Huyskamp.

In the pigeon section, the top show pigeon was a German Owl young hen by George Zimmerman and the Champion Racing Pigeon was a blue check hen Racing Homer by Jason Nicholls.

In the Egg Section champion egg exhibitor was Regina Rieger and Reserve Champion exhibitor was Brenda Tuttle.

Exhibitors came from as far as Saskatchewan and the Fraser Valley.  The weather improved each day of the fair ending at 31 degrees C on a beautiful sunny Sunday – definitely another highly successful fair with 149,000 visitors over the five days.


List of Champion Birds at the IPE: 

Grand Champion of the Show – Porcelain Booted bantam cock by Louisa Nicholls

Reserve Champion of the Show – Silver Sebright cock by Dudley DeLeenheer

Champion Large Fowl – White Chanecler by Bert Goodison

Reserve Champion Large Fowl – Shamo cock by Herman Huyskamp

Champion Bantam – Porcelain Booted Bantam

Reserve Champion Bantam – Silver Sebright cock

Champion Old English – Black pullet by Dudley DeLeenheer

Champion SCCL – Rhode Island Red cock by Ian Hodges

Champion English Large Fowl – Buff Orpington cock by Alyssa Patterson

Champion Continental  Large Fowl – Buff Laced Polish hen by Louisa Nicholls

Champion Goose – African Old Gander by Louisa Nicholls

Champion Duck – White Runner Old Drake by Ian Hodges

Champion Turkey – Bronze Young hen by Rebekah Ferro

Champion Guinea – AC Pullet by Zak Lindelauf

Champion Flying Pigeon – Blue Check hen Racing Homer by Jason Nicholls

Champion Show Pigeon – German Owl AOC Young hen by George Zimmerman

Champion Bantam Duck – Black East Indie Old Drake by Evelyn Hill

Champion Waterfowl – White Runner Old Drake