2014 IPE Poultry Show

The Interior Provincial Exhibition was held on August 27 – 31st. of this year.  The theme this year was to feature 4-H in British Columbia – its 100th. year of existence.  The pigeon and poultry barn was decorated using that theme with logos of 4H in green and white.  Banners were hung and flowers in pots complimented the main decorations.

We had nearly 500 entries in our barn this year.  Entries included bantams, large fowl, waterfowl, turkeys, guineas and pigeons.  New cages built by Herman Husykamp were used for the largest birds entered and were set up across from the rabbits in the middle of the building.  Heather Hayes judged the poultry this year and Frank Seip judged the pigeons.  A large number of volunteers helped during the fair making work less onerous for the core committee.  Setup for the show took place on the Thursday before the fair and entries starting coming in on Tuesday, the day before the fair started. Judging took place on Wednesday and was completed about mid afternoon.  Evelyn Hill, a relatively new club member, worked  closely with Dudley mentoring her to take over as director for Division 6 next year.

Show results are as follows:

Champion bantam – Silver Sebright hen by Dudley DeLeenheer

Reserve Champion bantam – Old Dutch hen by Ted Puchelak

Champion Large Fowl – Chantecler K by Fran MacDonald

Reserve Champion Large Fowl – BBR Shamo K by Herman Husykamp

Champion Pigeon – Ted Puchelak

Reserve Pigeon –  Alec Kovaks Jr.

Champion duck – White runner by Ian and Colleen Hodges

C hampion turkey – by Peter Clemen

Champion Guinea fowl – Louisa Nicholls

Super Grand Bird of the Show – White Runner duck by the Hodges

Reserve Super Grand Champion  of the Show White Chantecler Standard K by Fran MacDonald

Nearly 150,000 patrons crossed through the turnstyles during the Fair making the IPE the largest farm

Fair in Western Canada!