2011 Winter Carnival

The Vernon Winter Carnival is over fifty years old.  We have participated as a club in the Carnival for forty-two years.  This year we chose to have a judged pigeon show and a poultry display.

There were over 200 pigeons entered and Bob Sutherland from WA judged the birds.  At this time of year the birds are in excellent feather so Bob had his work cut out for him.  Some of our poultry fanciers were unavailable this year so it was decided that we have a display only.  Andrew Laird provided us with some quality large fowl in Black Australorps and Speckled Sussex.  Dudley DeLeenheer provided the bantams in four colours of Old English and some White Plymouth Rocks.

Best Pigeon of Show – Show Homer -Chester Lompart

Reserve Pigeon of Show – Show Racer – George Welsh

Best Flying Pigeon – Roller – Nick Kalashnikoff

Reserve Flying Pigeon – Racing Homer – Alec Kovak  Sr.

Best Fancy Pigeon – Show Homer – Chester Lompart

Reserve Fancy Pigeon – Show Racer – George Welsh

Best English Trumpeter – Doug Damen

Best Jacobin – 7-908 Jason Nicholls

Best Racing Homer – Alec Kovak Sr.

Best Rare Breed – Hungarian High Flyer – Alec Kovak Sr.