2014 Winter Carnival

45th Vernon Winter Carnival – Show Report

The Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club Winter Carnival Show took place on Sunday, February 9th. 2014.  We started to set up in the Vernon Recreation Centre auditorium at 7:00am and had the show ready for judging shortly after 9:00 am.  There were nearly 400 birds entered – pigeons, bantam chickens, large chickens and waterfowl.

The poultry judge this year was Heather Hayes and the pigeon judge was Frank  Seip.  Frank has recently moved from Ontario to the Kelowna area and continues to be keenly interested in pigeons. A feature of the pigeon show was a display showing the importance of carrier pigeons in the world wars. The display included an original carrying basket for the birds and a painting of the famous pigeon known as G.I. Joe.

Since many of the poultry exhibitors were beginners there was a category added for best bird exhibited by a novice.  Heather invited novice exhibitors to accompany her on her judging rounds as she explained what she was looking for and the strengths and weaknesses of the birds she was judging.  This was new and much appreciated by the poultry exhibitors.


Poultry and Waterfowl

Champion Large Chicken – Shamo cock by Herman Huyskamp

Champion Bird exhibited by a Novice – Chantecler cock by Fran McDonald

Reserve Bird exhibited by a Novice – Black Australorp cock by Alyssa Patterson

Champion Bantam – White Plymouth Rock bantam pullet by Dudley DeLeenheer

Reserve Champion Bantam – White Call Duck – old duck by Rick Shields

Champion Old English – Brown Red cockerel by Dudley DeLeenheer

Champion Rose Comb Clean Leg – Silver Sebright cockerel by Dudley DeLeenheer

Champion Bantam by a Junior – Porcelain d’Uccle by Linden Pauluzzi


Grand Champion Pigeon – Trumpeter OH by Neil Oryschak

Reserve Champion – A.S.R.  OC by Alex Kovaks, Jr.

Best Flying Pigeon – Tippler OH by Alex Kovaks, Jr.

Best Fancy Pigeon – Trumpeter OH by Neil Oryschak

Best 2013 Young Fancy – YH by  Alex Kovaks, Jr.

Best Show Type Homer – YC  by Chester Lompart

Best Racing Homer – YH by  Chester Lompart

Best Show Racing Homer – YC by Chester Lompart