The Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club was formed in 1965.  It began as the Vernon Fancy Pigeon Club, as a group of pigeon fanciers who wanted to be able to show at the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong, British Columbia.  The founding members were: George Zimmerman, Horst Billie, Don Mackay, Victor Lewinski, Joe Podanowski, and Colin Foord.  A spring show followed in 1966. There were 115 entries with 22 pigeon varieties. A short time later, the new club expanded to include Harry Bickert and John May who wanted to show poultry and waterfowl. This necessitated a name change to the Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club or the VPPC as we know it today.  In 2010 we celebrated our 45th anniversary, an accomplishment we are proud of!  We expect 2011 to bring another successful year to the Vernon Pigeon and Poultry Club, with us hosting the Canadian National Poultry Show.

Who are we?

Currently the club has 42 members including families and associate members. This means over 50 individuals are associated with our club.  We have an active core of about 12.

Our membership includes a varied group of people, from all walks of life who have a passion for breeding, raising and showing birds.

What do we do?

Aside from taking care of the business of planning and sponsoring shows, our club is a place to meet other fanciers to learn more about breeding, raising, and showing birds. Fanciers of every level from novices to experts are welcome.

We are also proud supporters of the Poultry 4-H and Scouts Canada!